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Pregnancy, Infants & Children

I can feel babys heartbeat.

One of the most important times for a woman to be receiving chiropractic care is during pregnancy. From the moment of conception her body goes through a series of remarkable changes. Some are easy to spot: a growing belly, changes in posture and changes in gait- that characteristic pregnancy “waddle”.

What we cannot see are the millions of different hormonal changes and chemical reactions occurring both in the mother and the developing baby, all of which are controlled through the nervous system.

Chiropractic care prior to conception promotes a more regular menstrual cycle and optimum uterine function. It prepares the body to be strong, flexible and as balanced as possible to carry pregnancy. Adjusting women though pregnancy is one of the most rewarding parts of our jobs as chiropractors, because a healthier pregnancy means an easier labour and delivery.

Chiropractic care after delivery decreases strain on the joints and muscles that the mother may have from lifting her child and nursing. It also helps the body heal after any trauma the body may have been through during labour.

The Stats

According to recent studies, chiropractic care may result in an easier pregnancy, including increased comfort during the third trimester and delivery, and reduced need for analgesics.

In one study, women receiving chiropractic care through their first pregnancy had 24 percent shorter labour times and subjects giving birth for the second or third time reported 39 percent shorter labour times. In another study, the need for analgesics was reduced by 50 percent in the patients who had received adjustments.

In addition 84 percent of women report relief of back pain during pregnancy with chiropractic care. And because the joints of the pelvis function better, there is significantly less likelihood of back labour (contractions and sharp pain felt in the lower back/sacral area during labour) when receiving chiropractic care during pregnancy.

Many people think back pain is an adult problem when in fact it occurs quite frequently in children and adolescence.

A recent study from Britain collected statistics about back pain in 500 children aged 10 to 16 and concluded that back pain among children was common. Other studies confirm this data. Maintaining a healthy spine throughout childhood and adolescence can likely reduce your chances of developing debilitating back pain into adulthood.

Whatever your age, there is no better time than the present to start actively maintaining the health of your spine.

Babies can experience problems with their spines, just as adults can. They are more flexible and resistant to injury, but are not invincible. Birth is a traumatic experience for all involved. A spinal check up for mother and baby after this event is a wise idea.

There are many case studies that suggest chiropractic care to be effective for treatment of colic, ear aches, asthma, and other childhood ailments.

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